WOLFCODERS SecurityCam 2.1

WOLFCODERS SecurityCam is a security tool for monitoring your cameras
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Wolfcoders SecurityCam is a surveillance application that enables users to keep an eye on their neighborhood or their own properties. To use this program, users have to download and install it and then set their IP address.

The way Wolfcoders SecurityCam works is rather simple. It can either record any detected movement or it can take a snapshot. Furthermore, users are allowed to set this utility so as to produce an alarm sound every time it detects some movement outside their houses. One of the advantageous things about this piece of software is that it comes with plenty of setting options in order to give users the possibility to configure it according to their needs. For instance, they are allowed to adjust the detection or refresh intervals, as well as some additional actions to be taken whenever movement is detected. When movement is detected, the application can be set to start recording or take snapshots. Moreover, it can play a specific audio file.

Finally, to sum it all up, Wolfcoders SecurityCam is an efficient PC program that gives users the possibility to control the surrounding areas in the neighborhood they live in. Moreover, this utility has low system requirements in order to function properly, and due to a sleek interface, it can be used both by beginners and experienced computer users.

Mario Procione
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